RNASeq Analysis


  • Understand the key steps in RNASeq data analysis for a differential expression study
  • Know how to perform command-line analysis using Snakemake.

Pedagogical Content

Day 1

  • Principle of RNASeq technology: objectives and experimental design.
  • Data quality assessment (FastQC, MultiQC).
  • Sequence alignment to a reference genome (STAR).

Day 2

  • Differential gene expression analysis (HTSeqCount, DESeq2).
  • Introduction to functional annotation (GO, Kegg).
  • Using the Snakemake workflow system on BiRD cluster.
  • Comparison between RNASeq and 3’SRP methods.


  • Be comfortable with basic Linux commands
  • Be familiar with the use of a computing cluster


  • 2 days / 14 hours


  • Academics Nantes UniversitĂ© : 472 euros
  • Others : 544 euros

Teaching Methods

  • The theoretical part is followed by a pipeline run step-by-step on a test dataset. It will be possible to start an analysis on your own data if you have some.


  • Bioinformatics engineers from BiRD


Certificate of attendance provided to each participant on request