Introduction to Linux


  • Understand the principles and advantages of the Linux system
  • Know and use the main bash commands. Ability to chain multiple commands using pipes
  • Launch programs with arguments
  • Gain independence to perform command line analyses

Pedagogical Content

  • Introduction to the Linux system.
  • File system: directory structure, paths, home directory, file and directory management.
  • Principle of protections: reading file attributes, access rights, management of user groups.
  • Shell usage: command reminders, input/output redirection, history, completion, launching programs with arguments.
  • Commands relevant to bioinformatics: grep, cut, sed, sort, more, etc.
  • Connection (ssh) - how to start a session from Linux or Windows PowerShell


  • None


  • 1 day / 7 hours


  • Academics Nantes Universit√©: 236 euros
  • Others : 272 euros

Teaching Methods

  • Combination of lectures and practical exercises.


  • Bioinformatics engineers from BiRD


Certificate of attendance provided to each participant on request