SysMics (Systems Medicine based on Genomics) is a genomics research cluster accredited by the NExT I-SITE, based on the GenoA genomics and BiRD bioinformatics platforms.

SysMics aims to unite the scientific community in Nantes around a common objective: to anticipate the emergence of systems medicine through the development of large-scale genomic screening approaches. Systems medicine is set to become a new public health standard. This medicine is geared towards implementing prevention strategies tailored to individual profiles, in order to limit negative events in patients suffering from chronic pathologies.

The missions of the SysMics cluster are to :

  • consolidate the network of players in the fields of genomics and bioinformatics.
  • facilitate clinical investigations based on the sequencing of genomes from patient populations, genomic profiling on single cells and metagenomic analysis applied to microbiota.
  • combine genomics approaches in the context of pilot projects in immunology, oncology and the pathophysiology of cardiovascular, metabolic, respiratory and neurodigestive diseases in order to build individual profiles.

SysMics brings together teams conducting high-performance translational research on the university hospital site in Nantes. In this way, the cluster is facilitating the implementation of this new holistic approach to medicine.

SysMics is coordinated by l’institut du thorax.