Sharing reliable protocols to transform datasets into gold standards

ShareFAIR will facilitate biomedical datasets re-analysis throughout scientific project lifecycles,and proactively participate in large-scale efforts towards more reproducible and cumulative science. At the data science level, ShareFAIR will provide a unique framework for FAIR-related interoperability research. The objective and methodology adopted in ShareFAIR aligns with prominent European research infrastructures such as ELIXIR and EOSC-Life.

The three ShareFAIR expected results are the following :

  • standards to uniformly annotate datasets and protocols with ontologies/common vocabularies and provenance to trace their origin,
  • an interoperable framework to index, design, query and annotate reliable and shareable analysis protocols,
  • approaches to extract new protocols, based on the literature, learned from biomedical and clinical datasets, and from large shared community datasets in neuroimaging.

ShareFAIR will be performed in strong collaboration with the NEUROVASC project. More generally speaking, our approach is designed to be adaptable to several cardiovascular or neurological use cases. At the end of the project we could consider pipelines developed in other axes of the program and evaluate how to make them being FAIR workflows and protocols.

As part of the ShareFAIR consortium, BiRD is involed in :

  • standardizing datasets, their annotation and provenance, with a focus on an intracranial aneurysm use case,
  • developping inference methods for annotating and summarizing workflow runs.

This project is funded by the French Reasearch Agency (PEPR SANTÉ NUMÉRIQUE Program)