Antonio Scialdone Seminar

SysMics is inviting Antonio Scialdone to give a seminar on Thursday 30 May at 2.00 pm in the Denis Escande amphitheatre, IRS UN.

“Exploration of single-cell transcriptional data from stem cell-based embryo models”

Antonio Scialdone studied at the University of Naples “Federico II”, where he obtained a doctorate in physics. After working as a postdoc at the John Innes Centre in Martin Howard’s laboratory and at EMBL-EBI in John Marioni’s laboratory, he set up his independent laboratory in 2017 at the Helmholtz Centre in Munich. In his lab, he combines machine learning and physical modelling to understand changes in cellular identity from single-cell data.

We would like to follow up this seminar with a scientific discussion with Antonio. We are therefore calling on all interested bioinformaticians to come and present their current work on SingleCell (20-minute Flash presentation) and discuss the subject with Antonio. We can also arrange more personal meetings with Antonio on Friday morning.

Contact us by email if you would like to meet Antonio.