This training is intended for anyone wishing to learn the R programming language.
Prerequisites: No mandatory prerequisites


  •     Acquire the basics of using the R software.
  •     Experiment with the main features of R.
  •     Be autonomous in data manipulation.
  •     Perform simple statistical analyses, build graphs.
  •     Learn how to create functions.


  • General: Overview of R; Starting and closing a session; Packages; Finding Help.
  • R objects: Data types and structures; Objects: vectors, factors, matrices, tables, lists, data.frames; Object creation, selection, grouping.
  • Import, export data sets.
  • Graphs: Some examples of graphs built with R; Creating basic graphs: histogram, point clouds, boxplot; Graphic options; Adding elements to a graph; Saving a graph.
  • R functions: Use of basic mathematical functions; Creation of functions (syntax, arguments).


  • Alternating lectures and practical exercises on RStudio.
  • The training takes place over 1 day.
  • Group of 9 to 12 trainees. Each trainee has his own computer.


Further information on the content and conduct of the training can be obtained from Raluca TEUSAN, Training Manager, Tel: