This training is intended for anyone who wants to use this operating system.
Prerequisites: No mandatory prerequisites


  •     Understand the organization and operation of a Linux system
  •     Acquire knowledge of fundamental commands through exercises
  •     Become self-sufficient for using a Linux system


  • Linux System Overview
  • The connection (ssh) - how to start a session
  • The online help
  • The file system: the tree structure and paths, the home directory
  • The use of the shell: command recall, input/output redirection, history, completion, creating an elementary script
  • File and directory management
  • The principle of protection: reading file attributes, access rights, user group management
  • The orders necessary for bioinformatics: grep, cut, sed, fate, more, etc....

Teaching method

  • Theory: 20% / Practice: 80%
  • The training takes place over 1 day.
  • Group of 9 to 12 trainees. One workstation per trainee.


Further information on the content and conduct of the training can be obtained from Raluca TEUSAN, Training Manager, Tel: