BiRD provides a cluster IT infrastructure associated with storage. This computing resource is enhanced by many bioinformatics tools, more particularly dedicated to NGS data analysis.

This computing cluster is composed of:

  • 14 dual-processor Intel Xeon nodes (832 threads total)
  • 3.8 TB RAM
  • associated with ~400 TB of BeeGFS storage and ~200 TB of secured CEPH storage.

This equipment is located in the datacenter of the University of Nantes.

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 Data storage policy on BiRD

There are 2 types of storage space:

  • a scratch partition (/sandbox currently) for temporary and non critical data. This partition is less secure but more performant. It must therefore be used as a buffer for data generation during calculations but not to store data on the long term. A regular cleanup policy will be implemented soon.
  • a data partition for long-term storage (/ceph-recherche currently). This partition is based on a secure and replicated 3-point file system, which makes it fault tolerant. On the other hand, it is less efficient.
  • Be careful, those 2 spaces are not backed up. A backup solution is under study and will be implemented within the year.
On these 2 partitions, there are 2 sub-spaces:
  • users which is a personal space with free quota:
    • 200 GB for /ceph-recherche/users
    • 1 TB for /sandbox/users
  • shares which is a project space (can be shared) priced.

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  •     with command line, on the frontal server of the computing cluster (SSH protocol):

ssh -X

Jobs must be submitted through the SGE scheduler.
A portal contains the necessary information to access the cluster and know the tools and resources installed:

For further information, please contact