BiRD provides support and data analysis from:
  • High throughput sequencing technology (genome resequencing, exome, RNAseq, 3'SRP, 16S)
  • Different chip technologies (expression, mi-RNA, genotyping)

A complete service is offered, in association with the Genomics core facility, to carry out projects from the bench to data analysis.


  • Whole genomes
  • Exomes
  • High throughput sequencing on MiSeq or NovaSeq Illumina
  • Data analysis  until genetic variants calling
  • Genotyping
  • High throughput Affymetrix Axiom arrays (GeneTitan Station)
  • Primary data analysis
  • Transcriptomics
  • RNA Sequencing (NGS), 3'Sequencing RNA Profiling (NGS)
  • Data analysis up to differential expressed genes and annotations

A pipeline for 16S microbiote data analysis is now available on our GitLab. The sequencing of the microbiota is currently being developed on the genomics core facility and may soon be offered as a full service.

All projects are managed with a ISO quality approach. A project usually starts with a meeting between the project investigator and the members of the platform, during which the feasibility of the project is discussed.

When a project is supported, the platform is engaged to perform the primary analyses and provide all associated documents (raw data, standardized data, hierarchical classification, differential gene search, fastq files, bam files, vcf files...) and a HTML report to easly explore results.

Additional analysis and support is possible on request.

For any project request, please send an email to