New data storage policy on BiRD

There are now 2 types of storage space:
  • a scratch partition (/sandbox currently) for temporary and non critical data. This partition is less secure but more performant. It must therefore be used as a buffer for data generation during calculations but not to store data on the long term. A regular cleanup policy will be implemented soon.
  • a data partition for long-term storage (/ceph-recherche currently). This partition is based on a secure and replicated 3-point file system, which makes it fault tolerant. On the other hand, it is less efficient.
Be careful, this space is not backed up. A backup solution is under study and will be implemented within the year.

On these 2 partitions, there are 2 sub-spaces:
  • users which is a personal space with free quota:
    • 200 GB for /ceph-recherche/users
    • 1 TB for /sandbox/users
  • shares which is a project space (can be shared).
The quotas on the shares spaces are sized on request.
Invoicing will be established over a one-year period from June to May
(based on the year's quotas). The monthly rate will be applied according to the quotas requested during the year. (Ex: 10TB for 8 months, and 15TB for 4 months).
Quota changes are possible on request for the following month.

To ask for a share space, please fill the form below. This request must be linked to a scientific project and will give access to a dedicated directory. Please let us know who should have access to this space.


External Academic Rates (excluding SFR)  (below 20TB) :

- CEPH Research: 208€/To/yr
- BeeGFS : 127€ HT/To/Yr

You are a member of SFR Santé? Please contact us.
You work in the industry and are interested in our services? Do not hesitate to contact us.

For requests over 20TB, please contact us.

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