Member of the Federative Research Structure François Bonamy, BiRD core facility leans on the research teams in human genetics and genomics at the institut du thorax. One of the scientific aims of these teams is to elucidate the molecular mechanisms of cardiovascular pathologies (sudden death, arrhythmias, valvulopathies, cerebral aneurysms, etc.). The analysis strategies used are based on high-throughput genomic screening technologies coupled with the development of new dedicated bioinformatics tools, with the aim of identifying new risk markers in these pathologies.

The core facility works also with the Combi team of the LS2N (Laboratoire des Sciences Numériques Nantes), whose main research themes focus on comparative genomics and systems biology. The main research axes developed in this team are :
  • From genome to graph comparison
  • From biological process modeling to community modeling
  • Linking modeling scales to extract biomarkers
  • Bioinformatics developments